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Renner, Jeremy 

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Ricci, Christina 

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Rojas, Nydia 

"Nydia Rojas," Los Angeles, November 2001. 

Romijn, Rebecca 

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Santa Monica Farmer’s Market Tragedy 

"Blood & Oranges," Los Angeles, September 2003. 


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"Murder Turns Microscope on Sensation Called Selena," L.A. Times, Oct. 12, 1995. 

"For Barrio, Selena's Death Strikes a Poignant Chord," L.A. Times, April 2, 1995. 

"Latin Music Star Selena Shot, Killed in Texas Hotel," L.A. Times, April 1, 1995. 

Simpson, O.J. 

"Nicole Brown Anti-Abuse Charity Beset by Problems," L.A. Times, July 10, 1995. 

"Nature of a Knife Attack Sets It Apart," L.A. Times, July 9, 1994. 

"Lawyer Details Simpson's Day in Gripping Detail," L.A. Times, June 18, 1994. 

Street Vendors 

"The Geography of Getting By," The American Prospect, July/August 2012. 

Southwest Airlines 

"Southwest Airlines Is the (_____) Company on Earth," L.A. Times Magazine, June 9, 1996 


"For Good or Ill, Spitting Happens," L.A. Times, Aug. 28, 1999. 

Taco Trucks  

"Wheels of Fortune," Los Angeles, October 2006. 


"Texas Carves a Unique Niche," L.A. Times, Feb. 17, 1998. 

"Atheist's Disappearance Causing a Crisis of Faith," L.A. Times, July 2, 1996. 

"A Case of Art Gone Stray?" L.A. Times, Jan. 15, 1996. 

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"As Subsidies Near End, Goat Ranchers Fear Extinction," L.A. Times, March 27, 1995. 

"Hunting for Treasure on Hallowed Ground," L.A. Times, March 5, 1995. 

Tournament of Roses 

"Parade Crowd Takes Theme of Fun Seriously," L.A. Times, Jan. 2, 1990. 

Tow Trucks 

"Towing's 'Bird-Doggers' Race Streets for Business," L.A. Times, March 6, 1991. 

"Tow Truck Driver Denies Manslaughter Guilt in Boy's Death," L.A. Times, Feb. 14, 1991. 

"Boy Is Killed When Car Is Rammed by Tow Truck," L.A. Times, Feb. 12, 1991. 


"The Test of Their Lives," Los Angeles, May 2007. 

"Police Get Few Tips in Fatal Jordan Downs Blaze," L.A. Times, Sept. 12, 1991. 

"Jordan Downs Takes First Steps toward Unity," L.A. Times, Sept. 11, 1991. 

"Segregated Housing Sought at Jordan Downs," L.A. Times, Sept. 10, 1991. 

Weights and Measures 

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Whitaker, Forest 

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Zapata, Emiliano 

"The Curse of Zapata," Los Angeles, December 2002. 

Zeke the Sheik 

"Zeke's Heap: Altadena Man's 30-Foot-High Compost Pile Raises a Stink," L.A. Times, March 9, 1990.