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Danes, Claire 

"Puttin' on the Glitz," Los Angeles, July 2007. 

Death Penalty 

"Texas Takes Another Life, Minus Crowds, Crusaders and Cameras," L.A. Times, Feb. 12, 1998.  

"Texas Executes Born-Again Woman after Appeal Fails," L.A. Times, Feb. 4, 1998. 

"Should Carla Faye Tucker Be Executed?" L.A. Times, Jan. 9, 1998.  

"Executions in Texas: No Big Deal," L.A. Times, May 20, 1997. 

Downtown L.A. 

"The Geography of Getting By," The American Prospect, July/August 2012. 

"Under the Bridge," Los Angeles, June 2004. 

"Vertical Limit," Los Angeles, December 2001. 

"A Mind Game Is Class Act in City's Core," L.A. Times, Aug. 10, 1987. 


"The Last Ride of Jesse James Hollywood," Los Angeles, February 2002. 

"Past Drug Use, Future Cops," L.A. Times, June 18, 2000 

"Blacks Unfairly Targeted in Fight on Drugs," L.A. Times, June 8, 2000. 

"Old Enemy Stalks Kids of Privilege," L.A. Times, Nov. 30, 1997. 

"There is No Law," Texas Monthly, November 1997. 

"Bodies Pile Up in Juarez Drug War," L.A. Times, Aug. 26, 1997. 

"Tracking the Genesis of the Crack Trade," L.A. Times, Oct. 20, 1996. 

"Few Get Rich, Most Struggle in Crack's Grim Economy," L.A. Times, Dec. 20, 1994. 

"Drug Suspect Stood Out in Posh Enclave," L.A. Times, Dec. 15, 1990. 

"A Child's Dilemma: Boy, 10, Turns in Mother, Stepfather to Police for Marijuana Possession," L.A. Times, Dec. 28, 1986. 

Echo Park 

"Hoisting a Few with the LAPD," L.A. Times, July 31, 1991. 

Ellis, Bret Easton 

"Reflections of a Valley Boy," Los Angeles, June 2010. 

Fernandez, Vicente 

"A Life's Passion," L.A. Times, May 22, 1999.  


"Wheels of Fortune," Los Angeles, October 2006. 

"Diner's Club," Los Angeles, September 2004. 

"Blood & Oranges," Los Angeles, September 2003. 

"A Medium Rare Dare in Amarillo," L.A. Times, Sept. 27, 1997. 

"The Rancid Riches of Texas' New Range War," L.A. Times, Aug. 22, 1997. 

"Fat City," L.A. Times, March 24, 1997. 

"Nobody Comes to Galatoire's Restaurant Only for the Food," L.A. Times, Dec. 24, 1996. 

"Goodbye Gorky's?" L.A. Times, Jan. 9, 1992. 

"A Hollywood Haunt Hangs On," L.A. Times, Feb. 1, 1991. 

Freeway Ricky Ross 

"IRS Agent Tells of Errors in Handling Drug Informant," L.A. Times, June 23, 2000. 

"Judge Seeks Records in 'Freeway' Ricky Ross Case," L.A. Times, Nov. 20, 1999. 

"Notorious South-Central Drug Figure Again Battling to Avoid Long Prison Term," L.A. Times, Nov. 3, 1999. 

"The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall of Ricky Ross," Texas Monthly, July 1998. 

"Tracking the Genesis of the Crack Trade," L.A. Times, Oct. 20, 1996. 

"As Drug Debate Rages, Dealer to Be Sentenced," L.A. Times, Aug. 23, 1996. 

"Drug Trial to Focus on Sting," L.A. Times, March 5, 1996. 

"Sting Snares Drug Lord Who Vowed to Go Straight," L.A. Times, March 22, 1995. 

"Deposed King of Crack Now Free After 5 Years in Prison," L.A. Times, Dec. 20, 1994. 

"Few Get Rick, Most Struggle in Crack's Grim Economy,” L.A. Times, Dec. 20, 1994. 

"Former L.A. Drug Kingpin Is Set Free," L.A. Times, Sept. 1, 1994.