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La Mafia 

"We're an American Band," Texas Monthly, November 1998. 

La Rumorosa 

"Road to Ruin," Los Angeles, May 2003. 


"Lakers: Playing Favorites," Los Angeles, November 2002. 

Lido Apartments 

"Welcome to the Hotel California," Los Angeles, March 2004. 

MacArthur Park 

"The Geography of Getting By," The American Prospect, July/August 2012. 

"A Mind Game Is Class Act in City's Core," L.A. Times, Aug. 10, 1987. 

Mann, Leslie 

"Funny Girl," Los Angeles, May 2009.  

McCourt, Frank and Jamie 

"McCourt v. McCourt," Town & Country, February 2011. 

Mexican or Mexican-American Culture 

"The Sport of Exiles," Los Angeles Times Magazine, Dec. 5, 1999. 

"In Texas, Los Regios Rate Royal Reception," L.A. Times, April 22, 1998. 

"Latino 'Geniuses' Are Giving Their Cultural Identity a Lot of Thought," L.A. Times, Nov. 20, 1997. 

"Twisting Trail of Gun That Changed Mexico's History," L.A. Times, April 3, 1994. 

"These Players Hoop It Up for Their Pueblos," L.A. Times, Jan. 15, 1990. 

"His Art Imitates the Life Los Lobos Sings About," L.A. Times, May 4, 1989. 

"Street Talk: Radio Show Host Mixes Music, Spanish Slang to Build Chicano Self-Esteem," L.A. Times, Jan. 15, 1987. 

"2 Cultures' Roots Entwine in Garden of Native Plants," L.A. Times, July 3, 1986. 

"Witness for Peace," L.A. Times, April 24, 1986. 

Mexican Mafia 

"Reputed Mexican Mafia Leader Dies in Prison at 64," L.A. Times, Nov. 10, 1993. 

"Edict to Gangs Follows an Old Pattern," L.A. Times, Oct. 3, 1993. 

"Mexican Mafia's Impact on Gangs Questioned," L.A. Times, Sept. 28, 1993. 

"Mexican Mafia Tells Gangs to Halt Drive-bys," L.A. Times, Sept. 26, 1993. 

"Film Leaves Legacy of Fear," L.A. Times, June 13, 1993. 

Monterey Park 

"Planners Mold Vision of Monterey Park's Future," L.A. Times, Feb. 22, 1987. 

"Monterey Park Fires Its Entire Planning Board," L.A. Times, Feb. 5, 1987. 

Mosconi, Willie 

"Losing to the World Pool Champ and Loving It," L.A. Times, June 25, 1989. 

Nance, Christopher 

"Storm Watch," Los Angeles, February 2003. 

Natural Disasters 

"Prescription for Disaster," Los Angeles, December 2005. 

"A Neighborhood Blown to Nothingness," L.A. Times, May 29, 1997. 

"Florida Beach Town Pays the Price of Development," L.A. Times, Oct. 7, 1995. 

"Quake Jolts Poor onto the Streets," L.A. Times, Jan. 30, 1994. 

New Orleans 

" 'Big Easy' Torments AA at Carnival," L.A. Times, Feb. 24, 1998.  

"The Battle of Nouveau Orleans," L.A. Times, Dec. 25, 1997. 

"Fat City," L.A. Times, March 24, 1997. 

"The Prize of New Orleans," L.A. Times, Feb. 7, 1997. 

"Nobody Comes to Galatoire's Restaurant Only for the Food," L.A. Times, Dec. 24, 1996. 

"Mardi Gras Madness and the Cult of the Bead," L.A. Times, Feb. 19, 1996. 

"A Sunday Color Barrier Comes Tumbling Down," L.A. Times, Sept. 14, 1995. 

"Police Now the Usual Suspects in New Orleans," L.A. Times, Sept. 7, 1995. 

"Corrupt Cops: The Big Sleazy?" L.A. Times, March 8, 1995. 


"Nicaragua: It's Not What You Think," L.A. Times, Oct. 13, 1996. 

O'Brien, Conan 

"The Coco Insurrection," New York, Jan. 22, 2010 

Oklahoma City Bombing 

"For Many, No Joy in Sentence," L.A. Times, June 14, 1997. 

"Memorial: A Driving Need for Catharsis," L.A. Times, April 19, 1997. 

"Inspiration Sought in Horror," L.A. Times, Jan. 7, 1997. 

"168 Seconds of Silence," L.A. Times, April 20, 1996. 

"Kids Put Blast Behind Them in Tiny Steps," L.A. Times, April 19, 1996. 

"Ghosts of April 19 Keep Oklahomans from Healing," L.A. Times, Dec. 17, 1995. 

"Oklahoma City's Symbol of Terror Is Brought Down," L.A. Times, May 24, 1995. 

"Blast Site Visitors Struggle to Understand," L.A. Times, May 7, 1995. 

"Bells Chime, U.S. Embraces a City in Pain," L.A. Times, April 24, 1995. 

"A Few Toddlers Clinging to Life: the 'Lucky Ones,' " L.A. Times, April 23, 1995. 

"Time Slips into Agony for Waiting Relatives," L.A. Times, April 22, 1995. 

"FBI Seeks 2 Bombing Suspects, Death Toll at 52," L.A. Times, April 21, 1995. 

"Car Bomb Shreds Federal Building in Oklahoma City," L.A. Times, April 20, 1995. 

Olmos, Edward James 

"Film Leaves Legacy of Fear," L.A. Times, June 13, 1993. 

Osteopathic Medicine 

"California's Osteopaths: on the Mend," L.A. Times, Aug. 18, 1987. 


"The Pack-Rat Syndrome," L.A. Times, April 20, 1989. 

Parks, Bernard 

"The Two Worlds of Lori Gonzalez," Los Angeles, Jan. 2001. 


"Enlisting Absentee Military Voters Triggers Ballot War," L.A. Times, April 13, 1997. 

"A Campaign with Shades of Forrest Gump," L.A. Times, April 1, 1996. 

"Louisiana Candidate Wins Ground Even if He Loses Bid," L.A. Times, Nov. 15, 1995. 

"Old Campaign Ads Never Die, Archive Keeps Them," L.A. Times, Sept. 13, 1995. 

Polone, Gavin 

"How a Pathologically Blunt Producer Makes It in Suck-up City," The New York Times Magazine, Feb. 9, 2003. 


"Pomona Comes of Age in Deadly Way," L.A. Times, Oct. 29, 1989. 

"Lawsuits, Unpaid Bills Trail Trade Center Promoter," L.A. Times, May 7, 1987. 


"Riverfront Vistas, Walkable Neighborhoods, and Smart Places to Eat and Hang--the City of Roses Is in Bloom," Los Angeles, June 2009. 

"A Son Reflects on a Mother’s Mortality," The Oregonian, Sept. 12, 2004. 

Post-Christmas Trash 

"Decking the Hauls," L.A. Times, Dec. 27, 1991. 

Puck, Wolfgang 

"Wolfgang Puck's Home Cooking," Food & Wine, August 2007.