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"Police Get Few Tips in Fatal Jordan Downs Blaze," L.A. Times, Sept. 12, 1991. 

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"Segregated Housing Sought at Jordan Downs," L.A. Times, Sept. 10, 1991. 

" 'Black Dragon'--Secretive Asian Gang Traced to Alienated Viet Refugees of '70s," L.A. Times, Aug. 5, 1990. 


"Classic Mexico," Los Angeles, April 2008.  

Guest Houses 

"For Rent: Pieces of Paradise," L.A. Times, July 18, 1994. 

Harlins, Latasha 

"Conflict Brings Tragic End to Similar Dreams of Life," L.A. Times, April 8, 1991. 

Hartnett, Josh 

"Josh Hartnett," Details, June/July 2003. 


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"Prime-time Stump for Media-Savvy Klansman," L.A. Times, June 27, 1996. 

"Fire Guts Racially Mixed Okla. Church," L.A. Times, June 14, 1996. 


"Amber Waves," Hana Hou! October/November 2012. 

"Adventures in Coffeeland," Hana Hou! October/November 2010. 

"Seven Summits," Hana Hou! December 2009/January 2010. 

"Red Dirt & Diamonds," Hana Hou! October/November 2006. 

"The Shapers," Hana Hou! August/September 2005. 

Hotel California 

"Welcome to the Hotel California," Los Angeles, March 2004. 

Hollywood, Jesse James 

"The Last Ride of Jesse James Hollywood," Los Angeles, February 2002. 


"Under the Bridge," Los Angeles, June 2004. 

"Homeless Man Dies with Few to Mourn," L.A. Times, Nov. 9, 1986. 

Irrera, Dom 

"The 25 Funniest People in L.A.: Dom Irrera," Los Angeles, June 2005. 


"An Unholy Act," Los Angeles, September 2007. 


"Little Big Men," Los Angeles, May 2001. 

Johnson, Magic 

Master of Illusion,” Los Angeles, October 2003. 

Kerkorian, Kirk 

"The Game of Love," Los Angeles, Sept. 2002. 

King, Rodney 

"Participants in King Case Try to Cash In," L.A. Times, April 25, 1993. 

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"King Launches Media Drive to Reshape Tarnished Image," L.A. Times, Dec.13, 1992. 

"Gates Battles to Restore His and the LAPD's Image," L.A. Times, March 17, 1991.