Stories: Story Index (1985—present): A—C


Academic Decathlon 

"The Test of Their Lives," Los Angeles , May 2007. 

Adult Entertainment 

"Striptease Club Opens Its Doors to the Stock Market," L.A. Times, Oct. 13, 1995. 


"What's a Dog Worth?" Los Angeles, May 2006. 

"The Sport of Exiles," Los Angeles Times Magazine, Dec. 5, 1999. 

"Emus: The Craze That Didn't Fly," L.A. Times, Dec. 16, 1997. 

"It's High in Protein and It's, Um, Ostrich," L.A. Times, Sept. 16, 1990. 

"Pet Lover's Lament: When Parrot Got Stolen, She Tried to Get Someone's Knee Broken," L.A. Times, Oct. 30, 1986. 

"Dog Can Hear, With a Little Aid," L.A. Times, Oct. 9, 1986. 

Army, U.S. 

"The Recruit," Los Angeles, March 2005. 

Arquette, Patricia 

"First Responder," Los Angeles, November 2005. 

Asian or Asian-American Culture 

"Transitions on a Personal Scale Mirror Region's Transformation," L.A. Times, April 16, 1987. 

Balog, Michael 

"A Brush with Madness," L.A. Times, Jan. 21, 1988. 

Bardem, Javier 

"Javier Bardem," Los Angeles, Feb. 2005. 


"McCourt v. McCourt," Town & Country, February 2011. 

"Red Dirt & Diamonds," Hana Hou! October/November 2006. 

"Out of Left Field," Los Angeles, September 2005. 

"Artless Dodgers," Los Angeles, April 2002. 


"The Hidden Coast: The Sunny South," Los Angeles, April 2009. 

Blue Ice 

" '‘Blue Ice' Lays Waste in Paths of Jetliners," L.A. Times, Jan. 7, 1990. 

Border, U.S.-Mexico 

"Road to Ruin," Los Angeles, May 2003. 

"The Tarnished Star of Starr County," L.A. Times, Jan. 30, 1999. 

"Marines Faulted in Own Report on Teen's Death," L.A. Times, Sept. 20, 1998. 

"Border Lights Illuminate Two Faces of Rio Grande," L.A. Times, Oct. 18, 1997. 

"Marine Is Cleared in Texas Border Death," L.A. Times, Aug. 15, 1997. 

"Many Cross, Few Patrol at Border Spot," L.A. Times, July 13, 1997. 

"A Good Shepherd's Death by Military," L.A. Times, June 21, 1997. 

"Ropa Usada Smugglers Face Border Press," L.A. Times, Dec. 26, 1996. 

"New Migrant Trails Take Latinos to Remote Towns," L.A. Times, Nov. 12, 1996. 

"For Determined Factory Hands, Hope Quickly Fades," L.A. Times, Nov. 11, 1996.  

"1,000 Miles of Hope, Heartache," L.A. Times, Nov. 10, 1996. 

"Smugglers of Immigrants Fill Growing Demand," L.A. Times, April 7, 1996. 

"‘Floaters': Death in the Rio Grande," L.A. Times, March 27, 1996. 

"Working on the Blade of the Knife," L.A. Times, March 18, 1996. 

"Rio Grande Midwives Deliver Citizenship," L.A. Times, June 13, 1995. 

"Prop. 187 Gives Texas a Selling Point in Mexico," L.A. Times, Feb. 6, 1995. 

"The Hopes, Fears, and Struggles: A One-Day Portrait of Illegal Immigration," L.A. Times, Nov. 28, 1993. 

Brown, Jim 

"Jim Brown Taps Potential of 'Baddest Cats' in City," L.A. Times, Sept. 24, 1991. 

Card Clubs 

"The Last House of Cards," L.A. Times, Oct. 8, 1987. 

Cajun Country 

"Cajun Fever Rages Early for Tribute," L.A. Times, Nov. 26, 1996. 

Central Casting 

"Straight Out of Central Casting," Los Angeles, February 2006. 

Chong, Tommy 

"White House Tries to Ban the Bong," Rolling Stone, July 24, 2003. 

"Diner's Club," Los Angeles, September 2004. 

Cisneros, Sandra 

"Latino 'Geniuses' Are Giving Their Cultural Identity a Lot of Thought," L.A. Times, Nov. 20, 1997. 

"Purple Passions Swirl about Texas Abode," L.A. Times, Aug. 11, 1997. 


"Adventures in Coffeeland," Hana Hou! October/November 2010. 

Cranston, Bryan 

"Heavy Hitter," Los Angeles, May 2010. 

Crime and Justice 

"For Many Ex-Cons, Ban on Voting Can Be for Life," L.A. Times, April 2, 2000. 

"A Nation of Too Many Prisoners?" L.A. Times, Feb. 15, 2000. 

"Taking Zero Tolerance to the Limit," L.A. Times, March 1, 1998. 

"New Law Puts 30,000 on Brink of Life Term," L.A. Times, March 13, 1994. 

"Crime Spawns Fear That Claims Victims of Its Own," L.A. Times, Dec. 21, 1993. 

"Numbed L.A. Takes Grim Note of 28 Slain in Weekend," L.A. Times, Aug. 25, 1992. 

"The Quiet after the Killing," L.A. Times, Jan. 31, 1992. 

"A Dispute, a Knife--and Year’s 1st Homicide," L.A. Times, Jan. 3, 1992. 

"Is Training of Deputies for Deadly Clashes Adequate?" L.A. Times, Sept. 8, 1991 

"Jesus' Homeboy," L.A. Times, Aug. 10, 1991. 

"Homeboy's Death Leads to Pal Facing Life," L.A. Times, Jan. 21, 1990. 

"Death of a Survivalist," L.A. Times, Jan. 20, 1990. 

"A High School Gunman"s Days of Rage," L.A. Times, Jan. 14, 1990. 

"Racing King's Death Unsolved," L.A. Times, Sept. 4, 1989. 

"Christian Police Sergeant See Satan as an Adversary in Crime," L.A. Times, Aug. 20, 1989. 

"Hail of Bullets Ends a Life of Privilege," L.A. Times, July 27, 1989. 

"A Real Life 'West Side Story' on the Streets of La Verne," L.A. Times, June 30, 1989. 

" 'Green Gold' Lures Shadowy Ventura County Thieves," L.A. Times, Feb. 9, 1988. 


"Propaganda, Truth Duel in Crowd Counts," L.A. Times, Oct. 22, 1991.